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I began my career as a draughtsman. Over the years my draughts have evolved into works of art. In 1992 I introduced the element 'colour' into my work again by experimenting with watercolours. A comprehensive scale of techniques gave me access to a new world. I have always been fascinated by the technique of creating a work of art with 'simple' tools such as pencils, paint and brushes. It took several years to achieve a certain craftsmanship in watercolours.

I guess the year was 1997 when I realised the techniques of watercolours did no longer satisfy my quest for new challenges. I decided to return to the old technique of oil painting, which I had abandoned since my years at the academy. I discovered how to combine my experience as a draughtsman with the techniques of watercolours to develop another language in a medium I had left for many years. Working with oil gave me the opportunity to create paintings on a larger scale. It is very inspiring to follow the evolution from the first draught until the final painting.

This site presents paintings both in Watercolour and in oil. Since 1980 I have been living and working in Eeklo, a rural town in Flanders, Belgium. Several journeys around the world have determined my view on our society of the past decade. I am affected by the poetry of everyday life all over the world. In a way my paintings can be seen as reports of present-day society.

'Lost in time' and 'Americana - uncommon places' are collections that are partially represented on this site.

The 'Lost in time'-series is a tribute to post-war car design. The depicted cars are abandoned in nature after years of common use. At this point they offer an interesting subject, demanding the spectator to reconstruct an (often) personal history. It took years to discover the wrecks that were of a certain interest to develop this series.

'Americana - uncommon places' mounts the reflection of a way of life, far from today's society in the fast lane. Far from popular attractions I seek native places to experience the quiet atmosphere that seems to rule small cities. I tend to illustrate this unusual aspect of today's madding world.

'Cities - the urban landscape' and 'China now' are other series of paintings still partially belonging to the artist's personal collection.

Tony Blomme - °1956 Belgium/Eeklo

  • Carré d'Artistes/Parijs, 2010
  • Den Haag/Nederland, Galerie Noordeinde 2008-2009
  • Willebroek, 2008
  • Knokke-Heist, Galerie Von Kraft, 2007
  • Kaprijke, 2007
  • Brussels, Autoworld, Jubelpark, 2005
  • Lineart Gent, Paule De Boeck Fine Arts, 2005
  • Lineart Gent, Paule De Boeck Fine Arts, 2004
  • China Now, tentoonstelling Paule De Boeck Fine Arts, Gent 2004
  • Lineart Gent, Paule De Boeck Fine Arts, 2003
  • Lineart Gent, Paule De Boeck Fine Arts, 2002
  • Ruiselede, Galerie Axpoele, 2001
  • Ronse, deelname prijs plastische kunsten / discipline tekenkunst van de stad Ronse, 1996
  • Ronse, deelname prijs plastische kunsten / discipline tekenkunst van de stad Ronse, 1995
  • Gent, Galerie Resonans, 1990
  • Eeklo, deelname prijs tekenkunst stad Eeklo, 1990
  • Gent, deelname aan 1ste biënnale voor Hedendaagse Figuratie, 1987
  • Eeklo, 1984
  • Langerbrugge, 1984
  • Maldegem, 1979

Tony Blomme - °1956 Belgium
Oostergem, 24 - 9880 Aalter
tel: 0032 9 217.09.28